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Tips for choosing the right aged care for you or your loved ones

Finding the best aged care for your loved one can be a difficult journey – for all of the family. More than 75 per cent of Australians aged over 80 want to stay at home for as long as possible. That’s according to the Australian Productivity Commission. There are many benefits to staying at home,

March 12, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Wendy Mitchell, Living with Dementia, Oxley Home Care

Wendy Mitchell’s book provides inspiration to those living with dementia

(Image courtesy of Alzheimer’s Society, UK)  Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease at 58 years of age. Her disease became obvious when she had a fall while jogging by the River Ouse in York, where she lives in the U.K. She was 56-years-old at the time. This event was followed by more

March 8, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Caring for a parent with Alzheimer's Disease

Younger people caring for their parents with dementia

The number of people living with dementia in Australia is continuing to rise. It’s estimated that 425,000 Australians currently live with dementia – that’s 250 Australians developing dementia every day. The ABC AM program reported this week that a younger generation of Australians are now caring for their parents that are living with dementia. The program

March 1, 2018 by Gilian Douglass

Pets help the elderly, especially those receiving aged care…

Parisian author and poet, Anatole France once wrote: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” The benefits of having a pet and pet therapy have been exhaustively studied for years and the conclusion is simple: pets are good for you, and especially if you are in aged care or

February 23, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Link between gut bacteria and Alzheimer's Disease

Your gut bacteria could influence whether you develop Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that there is a link between your intestinal bacteria and your chance of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease? New research from Lund University in Sweden has shown that your intestinal bacteria can potentially accelerate your development of Alzheimer’s Disease. What is contained in your gut microbiota is determined by the bacteria you

February 22, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Oxley Home Care, Alzheimer's Disease, learning a new hobby

How can I avoid getting dementia?

Did you know?  Almost half of 2,000 people surveyed by the BBC’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ program were keen to know ‘How can I avoid dementia?’ (49 per cent according to a ComRes poll conducted online April 22-23, 2015).  To look at the issue, Michael Mosley, Television Journalist and Presenter of the program, visited the

February 2, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Oxley Home Care

New blood test detects Alzheimer’s Disease with 90 per cent accuracy

Scientists from Australia and Japan have developed the world’s first accurate blood test for Alzheimer’s Disease that can detect the presence of the disease up to 30 years prior to symptoms showing. The blood test measures the build-up of the protein amyloid-beta, which is one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. Blood samples from

February 2, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Things to do with the elderly in Sydney, social support and companionship

Five things to do in Sydney with an elderly relative…

If you’re seeking venues in Sydney to take an elderly relative for an outing or day-trip, perhaps you might like to consider the five places featured below. Each venue is wheelchair or pram accessible, features disabled toilets where available, is almost free to enter and is situated less than an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD.

January 14, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Oxley Home Care, Allied Health, Arthritis

Can you exercise when you have arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most common, costly and disabling chronic conditions in Australia. Currently, there are 3.9 million Australians with arthritis and this is set to grow to 5.4 million by 2030, according to Arthritis Australia. It is a major cause of disability and early retirement due to ill-health. The importance of exercise for those

January 12, 2018 by Gilian Douglass
Social Support and Companionship, Home Care, Oxley Home Care

Care to stay at home – it’s a fact that many of us do…

Recent research from Macquarie University has discovered that by receiving home care, Australian seniors can significantly reduce the chance that they will need to move into residential aged care. The researchers studied a total of 1,116 people aged 60 years and older who had commenced home care services for higher-level needs between July 1, 2015

January 5, 2018 by Gilian Douglass