Home Care Package Level 1

A Level 1 Home Care Package is the basic level of entry into a Home Care Package.

It is designed to support you with your basic care needs. You may be very independent, but have some illness or injury preventing you from doing all the things you've previously been able to do yourself.

Your regular support services in a Level 1 Home Care Package could include:

  • Domestic support
  • Laundry
  • Gardening

Case Study of a Level 1 Home Care Package client:

Pam has been receiving support on a Level 1 Home Care Package from Oxley Home Care for two years now.

  • Due to her chronic arthritis, Pam is unable to vacuum her home or change her bed linen weekly.
  • Suzie, a Care Worker from Oxley Home Care visits Pam weekly, and under Pam’s direction and supervision, changes her bed linen, washes her sheets and vacuums her home and assists with any other tasks Pam may need assistance with.
  • Pam’s Care Manager is in regular communication with Pam and reassesses Pam’s care needs annually to ensure her current services are meeting her assessed needs.
  • If required, the Care Manager will assist Pam to be reassessed for a Level 2 Home Care Package.

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