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November 10, 2017 Oxley Home Care, researching Home Care Providers

It’s not a thought that sits comfortably with many of us, but early planning for aged care for our ageing parents can help to take out a lot of the stress when the time comes.

Hank Jongen, General Manager of the Department of Human Services said to Money Magazine:

“Too often I hear stories from within my department of families having to make rushed decisions when an older relative is faced with urgent medical care or can no longer live independently and this greatly concerns me. The amount of information to absorb and the decisions to make can be overwhelming when you’re not familiar with the process, but there’s no reason not to get a head start in researching and making plans.”

According to Rita Merienne, founder of Aged Care with Ease (ACE), a consultancy which helps family make aged care decisions – you can never start too early.

“I see it all the time – people leave it too long and then it is an emergency situation – which puts more stress on everyone. This is the same for all types of care – whether it is in your home, their home or an aged care facility. It doesn’t matter the situation, the earlier you talk about it the better. Get your loved one used to the idea of needing help, get everyone used to it – your siblings too.”

Remember to be respectful – yes you are caught up with the emotions of trying to find care – however it is tough for your aged loved one too. It’s key to ensure conversations around aged care happen early and when the time comes, the situation needs to be handled gently.

“Remember this is very tough for your loved one. All of a sudden they are in need of help, they can’t do things the way they used to or the way they want to,” Ms Merienne said.

It might be worthwhile to get home care assistance for a few tasks early on, which will make your loved one more comfortable with getting additional help later.  You could consider services such as shopping, domestic assistance, meal preparation or gardening. Just the things they can’t do anymore.

For families looking to apply for a Home Care Package, consider reading up on the process and downloading the Five Easy Steps to a Home Care Package information kit.

Home Care Packages can vary from basic help around the home to higher level and more complex nursing and medical care.

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